Following the recent announcement that West Devon residents will require photographic ID to vote in the upcoming election,  Ian Gee of Ilfracombe supplied the following letter:

"May the 4th, is now known as ‘Star Wars Day’ with fans of the films greeting each other with the iconic phrase ‘May the Force be with you’. 

"If you live in Northern Devon, the force will defiantly be with you on that day.  It’s the day we all get the chance to let our local councillors know if we are happy with what they are doing or, if we fancy a bit of a change.  Yes, the 4th of May is election day for our District, Town and Parish councils.

"Using the power of your vote this year is a little bit different.  Not only do you need to be registered to vote, but for the first time in living history, if you intend to vote at a polling station you will need to take with you one of the agreed forms of photo ID.  

"Voter ID includes things like a passport, an over 60’s bus pass and a driver’s licence with your photo on it.  Please note if you are 18+ you cannot use your bus pass as voter ID.  If you don’t have the right kind of ID you will need to apply by the 25 April for a ‘photo ID voter authority certificate’ on the government’s election website. If you want to avoid all that hassle, then simply ring your District Council and ask for a postal vote.

"In the 2019 local elections under 38% of us bothered to use the power of our vote.  Come on North Devon and Torridge, let’s do better in 2023.  Whatever our beliefs, be they left, right or centre, it’s time to use the 4th of May to have our voices heard.  Or to put words into the mouth of Obi-Wan Kenobi ‘Voting is the weapon of a Jedi Knight… an elegant weapon for a civilised age’! So, whatever you plan to do to celebrate Star Wars Day, vote and make sure your family and friends do likewise. May the 4th be with you, and with us all!"