LANDLORDS of a popular pub in Launceston have announced that they will be leaving after being unable to agree an extension to their tenancy.  

Dan and Viki from The White Horse Inn have publicly announced their departure from the pub after having only been in the role for a year.  

In the announcement, the pair said: “Dear friends and customers, it is with great sadness and disappointment we must announce Dan Viki and the team are leaving the White Horse Inn. 

“We have made no secret that we took the pub last year on a short one-year tenancy with St Austell Brewery, and it came as a shock to many especially us when we learnt that your beloved pub had been sold by St Austell to a new pub company Red Oak Taverns. 

“Well, our one year is up at the end of April and unfortunately, we have not been able to agree terms on a new tenancy with our new landlords and as such we have to leave. 

“Both of us, all of our team, our loyal regulars, all of our customers, our valued friends and neighbours, our fellow landlords and ladies of Launceston, local businesses, suppliers and all of you, have put so very much effort and support into bringing back what is undoubtedly one of Launceston's most historic, vibrant, busy, long established and valued pubs. 

“It is our only hope that as we as the current incumbents go, Red Oak will be able to find a new operator to continue all of the amazing work we have all done and continue to provide you, our so very valued customers and friends, with the pub you know and love.”  

Finally, the pair have asked for that residents respect the pub’s staff at this time.  

They continued: “More details to follow including the grand final party! And I know you may have questions we will do our best to answer but please can we make one request that you don't ask our staff lots of questions and please show them support and respect at this difficult time safe to say we absolutely will be doing right by them as they have for us. 

“Until we go it’s very much business as usual, so we do really appreciate your continued support and valued custom.”  

Following the announcement, the pair also revealed that they have secured another pub with St Austell Brewery, though they have not yet confirmed the details of this.