This milestone celebration, on June 22, will be held for students who left Launceston College in July 1969.  Students who attended Pennygillam School and Launceston College in the 60s and early 70s are also invited to celebrate in Launceston’s town hall. 

The 60s was a decade of dramatic change for secondary education in Launceston. By 1969 the town’s three secondary schools — Horwell Grammar School for Girls, Pennygillam Secondary Modern School, and Launceston College had merged into a newly re-branded Launceston College Comprehensive School. Former college pupils include local poet Charles Causley and actor Sir Roger Moore, evacuated from London during the Blitz. 

1969 was an exciting time to begin life as a young adult with Bob Dylan capturing the mood of the era with his song “The times they are a changing”.  For students who left the college in 1969 the last day of school, July 16, is memorable for another unforgettable reason: on that very same date the first men landed on the moon!

The evening’s events will kick-off at 7.30pm with complimentary wine and nibbles followed by a buffet-style dinner.  At 9.30pm, the band Strange Brood will strike up and play favourites from the era. The band’s line-up includes two former members of Sam’s Brother’s Band, well known in Launceston in the 60s.

Tickets must be purchased in advance from Colin Hill. Email [email protected] or call 01566 772786.  Extra funds will be donated to the Launceston Volunteer First Aid Service who will be on hand.