EACH branch of Budgens stores across the country are able to choose a worthy cause to benefit from their community funding and Launceston Hospital League of Friends were delighted to be chosen this year.

The league’s vice chairman Jill Cash had the pleasure of receiving a £300 cheque from Angie the assistant manager at Greenways BP Garage (Budgens).

Budgens have a community fund and each branch can choose a charity that would benefit from this fund

Tina the store manager said: “We are a Budgens store and once a year they give a donation to stores to donate an amount to their choice of charities luckily this year it was our turn and this was my choice. A well deserved cause who help so many in our town.

“We wanted to support a local charity and the League of Friends supports our local community hospital which has a big heart in keeping Launceston safe, thank you.”

A spokesperson for the league added: “On behalf of the League of Friends of Launceston Hospital and Community we would like to thank Budgens for their generous donation to our charity, thank you.”