WHEN a pupil at Holsworthy Community College heard their local food bank had run out of food they leapt into action.

The festive holiday should be a time for merriment, over-indulgence, and socialising; however, for many it is also a time fraught with tension owing to financial pressures.

This winter has been particularly challenging for many people across the country due to the ongoing economic crisis.

Holsworthy Community College’s House Captain in Year 11 for Poseidon House reflected on these pressures and wanted to make a difference within the community.

Having heard that the food bank in Holsworthy had run out of food, with the support of her family, she worked closely with students and teachers, as well as liaising with Ambrosia Creamery in Lifton, and managed to collect 247.71kg of donations for the Holsworthy food bank.  

Holsworthy Community College is very proud of its students and of the contribution they made. The idea and then subsequent hard work to collect all the food and donate it to the food bank, despite the adverse weather conditions, was one of those moments that they said made them “proud to be teachers in this school”. A spokesperson added: “We have a community that cares, and students that can make a positive difference.”

When asked about the work Mrs Yardley, House Champion, said: “I am humbled by the amount of food that was donated to the food bank and it was a real pleasure to work with my House Captain to drive her idea forward. Without a doubt, this project was a massive team effort. The House Champions and House Captains would like to say thank you to all the teachers, students, families, and members of the community who rallied together to collect and deliver the donations, despite all the ice that last week of term in December.”