German film crew have their own audience as they return to Launceston

Wednesday 20th July 2016 11:00 am

The German film set with members of the crew setting up to film the next scene. Also visible is the traditional ‘cab’ used in the scene

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A GERMAN film crew recently paid a visit to Launceston to film part of their mini series, based on a book by Cornish romance author Rosamunde Pilcher.

Proving to be Rosamunde Pilcher’s biggest fans, the film crew returns to Cornwall every year to film their television mini series ‘Home Swap’, residing for approximately six months to create six episodes for their German audience.

On Monday, the crew created their set in the Town Square, where they were basing certain scenes. Afterwards, they headed to Bodmin to continue filming.

Bringing thousands to the Cornish economy each year, this German film crew are providing German audiences with a taste of an idyllic, romanticised version of Cornwall.

The Post spoke to a member of security at the film set, who said: “They only film in Cornwall and stay for six months to film their mini series.

“Germans absolutely love Rosamunde Pilcher and her novels; it’s all romantic, everything has a happy ending, and they all live in big houses — it certainly isn’t Eastenders. The Germans lap it up.”

There was an air of excitement in Launceston as many local faces watched the filming take place.

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