The annual general meeting of the Friends of Okehampton & District Hospital is to be held in the Okement Centre Okehampton on Wednesday, May 10, at 7pm.

Following the death of the long serving Secretary, Mary Rattenbury and the imminent resignation of the treasurer, Ann Lane, the committee is anxious to find new members to take on these offices.

Over the years since the Friends were established in 1964, the activities in support of the Castle Hospital, the Memorial Hospital and the new Hospital has varied from the highs to the lows. Following the last major reorganisation of the NHS that involved the removal of in-patient beds and the Minor Injuries Unit from the hospital, our activity has been minimal.

In the absence of any members willing to take on these positions then the charity will close and the substantial funds will pass to other health related charities working in the Okehampton District in accordance with the Charity Commission rules.

Martin Perry the current chairman said: “It will be a sad day, but we receive few requests at the moment for financial assistance that is permitted by our constitution. I have now been Treasurer and or Chairman for some 20 years and would also like to hand over the reins if possible.

“Any interested members or potential members are welcome to come along to the AGM on May 10 when the future of the Friends will be decided.”