A nursing home in Devon has introduced a state-of-the-art film projector into their living space, designed to enhance the sensory experiences and overall well-being of their residents.

The newly installed projector, located in the main lounge of Hatherleigh Nursing Home, has quickly become a focal point, delighting family members and the team alike. 

This offers a range of environments, from the calming sounds of nature such as birds singing and gentle background music, to immersive visual experiences like the enchanting underwater world or breathtaking scenes from different countries.

The team has curated a diverse selection of films, ranging from soothing autumn landscapes with vibrant colours to exciting safaris that transport family members to the heart of the wilderness. These visual journeys provide a therapeutic escape, evoking positive emotions and creating a sense of connection with the world around them.

The projector has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from family members. 

The immersive experiences have proven to be an effective tool, encouraging social interaction, evoking feelings of nostalgia and enhancing overall cognitive function. 

This innovative form of sensory stimulation creates a rich and dynamic environment which can be tailored to the needs and preferences of family members, ensuring a quality of life and positive wellbeing. 

A spokesperson said: “Hatherleigh Nursing Home remains committed to providing the highest quality of care and continuously seeks new ways to enhance the lives of its family members.”

To find out more about Hatherleigh Nursing Home, visit www.hatherleighnursinghome.com