GIVING PRE-APPLICATION advice planners have recommended that the developers of a new housing site on the edge of Callington submit a full application.

Up to 21 homes are proposed for 1 and 2 George Place, Haye Road which include the redevelopment of George Place. The site comprises a small bungalow and its curtilage; George Place, a three-storey historic residential property and a plot of land west of St Mary’s Church.

The original plans have been scaled down following advice which indicated they were an over-development of the site with concerns in respect of neighbour impact.

The scheme now proposes to demolish the bungalow and construct nine terraced dwellings, reduced from 16.

There would be a terrace of six on the northern end and a smaller terrace of three in front.

George Place would be refurbished and extended to the rear to provide six flats in the existing building and a further six flats in the new extension. Individual parking spaces for each dwelling are now provided to the front of the site.

Principal Development Officer George Shirley said he still had some concerns about overlooking to the gardens of residential properties to the north and suggested a change in the internal layout to mitigate this.

It was also pointed out that six of the dwellings would need to be affordable.