A stretch of Fore Street in Lifton is set to be closed for more than ten weeks to allow sewer works to be completed by South West Water.

The closure, which aims to connect new home developments to the main sewer, is set to start on April 17 and will conclude on June 30. The traffic order approved by Devon County Council allows full road closure for the whole of this period.

Unsurprisingly, this lengthy closure has been met with criticism from locals and those who frequent the road on their travels. Councillor Chris Edmonds took to social media to explain the situation to residents.

He wrote: “South West Water have confirmed that the works to connect the new Wain Homes development to the main sewer, which is in the highway, cannot be undertaken without a road closure. The high-pressure gas main which runs through the works location presents a public safety concern while the excavation and works take place. It is not possible to locate a new connection in the verge due to the presence of existing services.

“The Traffic Order for a full road closure covers the period from April 17 to June 30. Having emphasised the significant impact a road closure will have on our community, the contractor has agreed to make every effort to reduce the full closure to a period of six to seven weeks, with any remaining work being undertaken with one side of the road open under traffic light control.

“Permission has been provided by National Highways to use the A30 as part of the diversion route as it is the only feasible diversion route that can carry all the same traffic as the closed road as far as possible. While a diversion should meet this requirement, it does not limit all traffic to using it.

“Where available, alternative routes can be used so long as they are legally suitable for the vehicle being driven at the time, this includes Darkey Lane as it is not part of the diversion route. I have requested DCC Highways to consider placing a temporary weight restriction and/or signs on this narrow lane to prevent large vehicles using it. I await their decision.

“I have spoken to the DCC Transport Team who are aware of the closure and will contact parents before the April 17 with details of the temporary transport arrangements.

“I shall be contacting West Devon Borough Council to ensure that the waste contractor is aware of the closure and that alternative collection arrangements will be in place.

“The public bus service provider and emergency services will be notified of the closure.”