RYAN COOPER, 38, of Ferris Way, Polruan has been sent to prison for 20 weeks after he committed numerous offences in Cornwall and Merseyside.

Appearing at Bodmin Magistrates Court on 29 July he pleaded guilty to wilfully obstructing a police officer at St Austell in the execution of his duty on 28 July and to driving whilst disqualified and without insurance the same day.

Magistrates also sentenced him for convictions he had received at Merseyside Magistrates Court in 2020 and 2021.

They were for damaging a police vehicle in Liverpool in October 2020 and driving a large goods vehicle whilst disqualified in Liverpool in August 2021, having no insurance for the vehicle and refusing to provide a sample of blood as well as possessing a few small bags of cannabis.

Magistrates acknowledged they were serious repeat offences, that he had a blatant disregard to court orders and there was no real prospect of rehabilitation in the community.

He was ordered to pay £170 costs, £128 victim surcharge and £42.20 compensation to Merseyside Police and banned from having a driving licence for 48 months and 70 days.