BUDE-Stratton Town Council has announced the launch of the consultation process for the redesign of Bude’s skatepark.

It has called on the community to participate in the consultation, both online and in person, to help shape the future of this new recreational facility. 

The online consultation portal is now live, providing residents with an immersive experience to explore detailed views of the innovative skatepark designs. 

In addition to the online platform, an in-person consultation event is being hosted on Saturday, May 4, from 12pm to 4pm at the Parkhouse Centre. The event hopes to allow residents to view the skatepark designs firsthand, meet the project team and directly contribute to the final outcomes.  

Bude-Stratton Town Councillor and mayor, Mike Dawe, expressed his enthusiasm for the dual consultation approach.  

He said: "This consultation phase, both online and at the Parkhouse Centre, marks a crucial step in the development of our skatepark. Community involvement is key in shaping spaces that reflect the spirit and needs of Bude. We value the opinions and ideas of our residents and are committed to integrating them into the final design." 

A council spokesperson added: “The council hopes that by collaborating closely with the community, the redeveloped skatepark will meet the diverse needs and preferences of its users, aligning with community aspirations and usage patterns. 

“Residents are encouraged to participate in both the online portal and the in-person event to play an active role in the development process of this important community asset.”