Helen Peirce, of Ashleigh Rise, Teignmouth, writes:

I read with some disgust the insistence of the South Devon and Torbay Commissioning Group that they have consulted us regarding Teignmouth Hospital.

Not so very long ago, I worked for what was then the old health authority (not in Devon), and I worked with a lady who led on NHS consultations. She had a card on her desk which read: 'We are going to consult you to tell you what we have decided.'

This was meant to be in jest, but having worked fairly closely with her, I know it to be true then, and I am quite sure it is true now!

It is not a true consultation unless we have all the options, ie including keeping acute beds at Teignmouth Hospital.

The feedback also should be properly considered rather than just put into the response to the consultation: how can a much smaller population – Dawlish – be considered over a larger one – Teigmouth. One acronym – PFI.