A 72-year-old swimmer challenged herself to complete 10km in 10 days by swimming around Bude sea pool and has raised more than £1,000 for a local animal charity. 

Jennifer Codlin chose to raise money for a charity close to her heart Animal Free Research UK with this epic challenge.  

Jenny said: “I belong to a great group of supporters here in Bude and we try to take it in turns to do a challenge once a year which takes us out of our comfort zone. 

“After having a hip replacement several years ago my sciatic nerve was damaged which resulted in me losing 99% of feeling in my right leg from the knee down and leaving me with drop foot. 

“I love all animals and the thought of putting them through any cruel experiments to make me better made me feel sick. 

“I have always enjoyed swimming and what better place than to do it in the pool where I learnt to swim as a child.” 

During the final leg of the swim, Jenny was joined by a naughty bunny (Penny Baxter) who slipped into the pool to complete the last two lengths.