For our September meeting, Bude Flower Club welcomed Susan Griffiths an award-winning demonstrator from Devon. 

The theme was ‘The Power of Pink’ and Susan produced six stunning arrangements which showed why she wins numerous awards.

For her first two arrangements she showed different ways of not using oasis.  In one, she used cut hollow stems, painted pink, in a glass container to support three bright pink gladioli, Skimmia berries and red roses with ivy and the black seeds of euphorbia.

 For the second, she just used a wide, cylindrical glass vase filled with red water. In it she arranged Jasmin leaves, Osteospermum, spray carnations, spray pink roses, large pale pink Roses, weigela, yellow Astrantia and dill seeds. The colours and textures complementing and contrasting to produce a stunning arrangement. 

For the third arrangement she paid tribute a painting by Jack Vettriano which she called the ‘The Colours of Sunrise’. For this, she used a large luminous pink glass ball-shaped vase topped with a small block of oasis into which she arranged flowers that reflected the colours of the painting, using dried euphorbia, blue fir, large pale pink roses, blue clematis, blue hydrangeas and spray chrysanthemum

 Her fourth was a linear arrangement with a nod to Walt Disney’s film ’Dumbo’ where the young elephants drank too much champagne and saw flying pink elephants. She used a long oasis filled container covered with fir and pittosporum and used dried acer twigs to support deep pink calla lilies. Dried hydrangea, spray carnations, large pink roses and dyed pink cow parsley were added before it was finished with cut out pink elephants

Her next arrangement was a tribute to the fashion designer, Elsa Schiaparelli - A Vivian Westwood like designer at the time of Coco Chanel who invented shocking pink and the first body- shaped perfume bottle. For this, she had made an amazing structure from melted plastic coat-hangers painted pink and twisted into spiral shapes onto which was a tray with oasis. For this, she used pheasant flowers, lime green Acer, orange berries, Anthurium, a pink apple and Kiss Me Kate deep pink Roses.

Her final arrangement was sassy, sexy and over the top but what the power of pink is all about. The stand was an amazing, fluffy net bombom and a metre high with a heart-shape shape made of split euphorbia and a large body-shaped vase supporting the oasis tray. It was a tribute to Moulin Rouge.

Long ferns were use to represent feathers with fatshedera, eucalyptus, lasantha and calla lilies added. The final flourish was big blowsy deep pink Tito lilies and various shades of large pink Roses. A magnificent arrangement, a photo of which is include with Susan.

 A very enjoyable time was had by all and six lucky members won an arrangement in the raffle

The next Flower Club is on Tuesday 17 at 2.30pm and on Thursday, November 23, they have their Christmas Extravaganza to which everyone is invited.