A player and manager at Bude Town Football Club’s first team is taking on a charity boxing match to raise money for two deserving local young people.  

Ben Potter, player/manager for Bude Town’s first team, has announced that he is raising money for two local causes; Jayden’s Hero Arm and Rosie’s fight against bone cancer.  

Jayden’s Hero Arm is fundraising for a local boy who was born without a fully developed left arm, instead – thanks to a successful campaign – using a bionic prosthetic limb.  

Rosie is 11-years-old and has just been diagnosed with bone cancer, and is a neighbour to Ben. She has a tumour on her knee which has to be removed and is currently undergoing chemo. 

Both of these causes have encouraged Ben to take on a physical challenge to raise money.  

Speaking to the Post, he explained: “Jayden has always been in and around the football club and supports us each week, so I wanted to support him back and help raise more funds for him so he can have a more normal life like everyone else, and help him with his new arm.

“Rosie is my mum’s neighbour, and their parents are working and looking after other siblings. Now alongside that, they are having to take Rosie to Birmingham for treatment and chemo once a week, while also juggling day-to-day life; it’s very stressful for them.”

Ben continued: “Recently, they found that her cancer has spread to her lungs as well, so I wanted to raise funds for her to help them with the costs running up there each week and treatments, as they’ll be struggling to work and look after Rosie at the same time.”  

In order to raise funds, Ben is taking on a boxing match, a challenge which he has never faced before.  

He explained: “I’m doing a white-collar boxing match which is held in Exeter and all the proceeds go to charity from tickets sales as well. 

“I wanted to do it to help these two causes as I felt I needed to once I’d heard, and wanted to help them as much as possible. 

“I’ve not done anything like this before, so hopefully the training three days a week and hard work has paid off.”  

Through this, Ben is hoping to take some of the financial burden away from the family. 

He contained: “These two brave young children deserve to live a happy life, so please help raise as much money as possible to help them on their way.”  

Donations can be made via Ben’s GoFundMe page: gofund.me/4d09eb34