NOISY music from Snap Fitness on Bodmin Retail Park is stressing out sick animals at the neighbouring vets according to objectors to a planning application to allow the gym to open 24/7.

There were 14 public objections to the application including vet Fiona Dawber.

She said: “As a veterinary surgeon who works in the adjacent building I can confirm there is a severe lack of sound proofing of the gym which results in frequent issues with noise within the veterinary surgery even during the day time.

“On numerous occasions we have had to send staff members next door to the gym to request the music be turned down as it is so loud. This is happening when we are trying to induce anaesthetics in animals in a calm and controlled way, recover animals from surgical procedures and provide a professional service to clients while dealing with sick or injured animals.

“In addition, there are animals kept on the premises overnight as part of the Pets At Home support adoption service.

“These are prey species such as rabbits and guinea pigs for which loud noise causes a huge degree of stress and negatively affects their welfare. I am not sure there was any consultation with either Vets4Pets or Pets At Home prior to planning permission being granted for the gym in the first place, and to allow 24-hour opening would be even more of an insult.

“I really hope my comments and those of the other members of the public will be considered seriously when deciding whether to grant this request for 24-hour opening.”

Her concerns were shared by Jackie Greig, who asked how Snap Fitness could ensure no music or noise was coming from the building and affecting Vets for Pets if there are no staff present for 12 out of the 24 hours.

Mrs Greig asked whether the lack of soundproofing, which leads to trauma for animals, was a contravention of animal welfare.

However, there were five supporters for the application, including Laura Parker, who said 24/7 opening would benefit shift workers and those struggling with their mental health.

Despite the strong feelings, permission has been given for 24/7 opening but planners acknowledged concerns and put on a restriction saying ‘no music shall be played that is audible within the gym between midnight and 6am’.

The gym will also have to submit a car parking management plan before it can introduce extended opening.