By James Millidge, chair Safe38 

It has been quite some time since our last update but there has much going on behind the scenes — and it’s good news!  

As many will have read the Department for Transport has delayed the A38 Carkeel to Trerulefoot Safety Package by at least seven years until after 2030. 

A decision, we fear, that will cost many lives and serious injuries and leaves Southeast Cornwall woefully far from having a safe strategic road corridor.  

The safety package which was being considered as part of that RIS 3 scheme was only ever a small selection of safety measures. 

It’s hard to comprehend the logic in delaying what is essentially a cheap list of measures designed to reduce death and serious injury which would have had a positive economic impact due to the reduction in unplanned road closures which happen after every accident on the road. 

Safe38 has been campaigning relentlessly to see average speed cameras installed far sooner — just one element of the safety package — and it appears at last our call, with the support from many Cornwall Councillors, has been heard. 

We have had sight of a letter from Roads Minister Richard Holden MP to our MP Sheryll Murray confirming that average speed cameras will indeed be rolled out on this section sooner than 2030. 

We eagerly await details from our MP and National Highways but this news from the Department of Transport on the back of lobbying by our MP and local Cornwall Councillors would be a major milestone in getting some meaningful action to improve the road. 

Alongside this positive news, the new Southeast Cornwall Community Area Partnership (a community of local Councils and County Councillors) has confirmed that improvements to the A38 is one of three top priorities for the area. 

We are especially thankful to Councillors Armand Toms, Colin Martin, Jane Pascoe and Kate Ewert for their relentless pursuit of investment and prioritisation for safety on the A38.  

Safe38 will continue to do all it can to see these safety measures delivered while also campaigning for larger improvements which will give Southeast Cornwall a road that is fit for purpose, and that will save lives and secure livelihoods for generations to come.