AN ART exhibition at the Camelford Gallery has given members of the public a chance to revel in the work of local artist, Chris Thomas, who has documented the development of Chyryn Drive, St Breward.

John Blight, artist and owner of Camelford Gallery, situated in the heart of the town, was delighted to welcome fellow local artist, Chris Thomas, to the gallery, with an exhibition of his latest work documenting the construction and development of the Chyryn Drive new builds in St Breward.

Chris, who is based in Trevalga, told the Post that he was sparked with inspiration when he realised to turn a potential negative into a positive. After ten years of working in a studio at an industrial unit in St Breward, Chris admitted that he was first ‘absolutely gutted’ to find out a new affordable housing development would be constructed in the meadow behind his studio — a place he had painted for many years.

“At first I was absolutely gutted, but I have now began to see a real possibility of recording this change in a positive way,” Chris said.

After speaking to the site manager of the 21 new builds, Colin Benney, Chris and Colin were able to work together to create a depiction of modern-day building.

“It’s all about the process of the work,” Chris continued. “Colin saw the possibilities — the work is saying something about the builders and how they work. It’s pretty dangerous work.”

Having created 40 art pieces, along with drawings, Chris presented some of his work at an exhibition at the Camelford Art Gallery. He said: “It was fantastic; I received such good support. We had people coming from up country to see the work.”

With sponsorship from the developers, Chris now hopes to present his work in Exeter and Plymouth galleries.

For more information about Chris’ work, visit his website: