Valley volunteers and quarrymen tackle potholes near Wacker Quay

By The Post in Local People

TAMAR Community Trust and its ‘valley volunteers’ recently combined forces with Greystone Quarrymen in July, to complete an interim fix to the potholes in the car park near to Wacker Quay.

As well as their muscle, the quarrymen brought 16 tonnes of aggregate to site in a dumper truck and wheel-barrowed it all down the slope to the car park.

On October 14 there was another work day, when Greystone provided another 16 tonnes of aggregate to pack the potholes, while a drainage ditch was dug at the bottom of the slope to redirect the run-off away from the car park.

Robert Plumb, chair of the Tamar Community Trust (TCT), said: “The Trust is thrilled to be working in partnership with an important local industry to safeguard and repair the landscape of the valley, and more specifically ensure this precious local beauty spot is accessible for all to enjoy.”

Graham Hick from Greystone Aggregate Industries added: “We are keen to help preserve the unique landscape of the valley and to support the important voluntary work being carried out by the Trust.”

TCT are responsible for maintaining the car park and footpath to nearby Anthony village under licence from the MOD. It organises regular working parties to keep the beauty spot tidy and ready for people to enjoy.

For further details about the activities of the TCT and valley volunteers’ workdays, contact Robert Plumb at the trust on 01822 680 078 or visit the group’s website at

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